Feeling small is not something that we usually aspire to but sometimes it can be just the thing to help us get some perspective.

I feel small every time I see the vastness of space that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by.  When I realize that no matter how long I sit I will never be able to count the trees in my eye’s view, the birds that nest in them or the drops of rain that help it all grow.  That feeling of small is humbling, grounding and ultimately comforting as I am again reminded that I am not the centre of the universe. I am small.

But however small we feel, we are never insignificant.

And so I turn my eyes to the ground. Grounded I remember that there are all kinds of everything happening beneath my feet making plans, building empires,  growing, striving, shining, living and dying and I feel connected.  Ever heard the saying ‘no man is an island’?

Individually we are all small  but perfect.  Together we are magnificant and eternally beautiful.

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